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Happy New Year in the Garden: 2022

Happy New Year, gardener! Thank you for including Horticulture in your gardening life in 2021. I’m so grateful for our readers. Along with Horticulture’s staff and contributing writers, I’m excited to help you reach your garden goals in 2022.


Have you made any garden resolutions for the new year? Here are mine, along with links that you may find interesting if you can relate:

1. The year 2021 brought changes to my neighborhood. The house next door was demolished, its wooded lot was clear cut and a much larger home went up. I look forward to welcoming new neighbors in 2022, and also to planting new trees and shrubs along the property line. With this new woody border, I resolve to create a beautiful view for all of us and to support the birds and other beneficial wildlife that live here too.

2. Meanwhile, the house across the street from us underwent major renovations as a flip. I’m excited to meet new neighbors there, too. I’ve been expanding my front-yard garden for a couple of years now, and I’ve resolved to keep on improving the design throughout the new year. Perhaps my new neighbors will be plant obsessed, too, and we can have fun building our curb appeal together.

3. If you read my Editor’s Note in Horticulture, you know that I garden with my husband and three children. In the coming year, John and I resolve to continue nurturing the kids’ love of nature and gardening. They especially love propagating plants and tending our raised-bed vegetable garden, so much so that we plan to add another bed this spring, giving them each a bit more space of their own.

4. I’ve always loved houseplants—so much that I’ve resolved to STOP acquiring more! In 2022 I aim to better appreciate my indoor plants and how they help me cope with stress.

5. Lastly, as Horticulture magazine moves toward its 120th birthday, I resolve to continue striving to create issues that resonate among passionate gardeners like you! Horticulture was first published in 1904, so it has a long history to live up to. We’ve created a Vintage Collection in celebration of our heritage, so make sure to check it out!

Thanks again for being a part of the Horticulture community. If you haven’t yet, be sure to join us on Instagram and Facebook for ideas and updates, watch for our weekly editorial email and subscribe to the magazine. Let’s make 2022 an amazing year in our gardens!