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The Green Line: Part Deux

I want gardens everywhere, people. And I'm not stopping until it happens. Or I die. Whichever comes first.

A year ago I wrote a letter to Mayor Daley, of my much loved Chicago, asking for mobile garden cars on the CTA. I'm quite sure he never read it. However, what I asked him for (in a "Please Santa Claus"-like manner0 has come a lot closer to coming true. In fact, it's a "go" if they can raise the money.

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I already think Chicago is the coolest spot in the solar system and I think these garden cars would just push that coolness factor over the edge a little. I can see Chicago's Facebook status now:

has garden cars on its "L" trains! You can have the Olympics, Rio, let's see how THAT works out for you. And New York? You and your "pizza" can suck it.

So, even I am donating some dough for the CTA Mobile Gardens- and I'm really, really cheap.

Here's where you can learn more.

Here's where you can donate.

If you're from out of town and you don't care if Chicago has garden cars on its trains or not, here's how to go from flying into O'Hare, stopping for a quck bite at Hot Doug's and then end up at The Hello Kitty Store. After that, you will truly understand how cool it would be to have mobile gardens. Bring dark sunglasses, the people-watching is priceless.

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