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Green Drinks: what are they and where can I get one?

Did you know there is a monthly meeting of environmentally concerned people in your very own neighborhood? Me neither.
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On Tuesday night I enjoyed Green Drinks for the first time (and I'm not talking about Shamrock Shakes, a wheatgrass smoothie or my local favorite- Green River). Green Drinks is a worldwide organization that gathers environmentally concerned people together once a month to meet, mingle, eat, drink and learn. This month, our Green Drinks event was held at a Spanish restaurant in our “downtown.” Next month it’ll be in my favorite local coffee house. This month’s speaker was a rep from LEAF, a pro bono environmental law practice in Indiana.

I had a not-so-great time learning from LEAF’s presentation that Indiana is ranked 49th in environmental issues—ahead of only Alaska. It was a little hard to have an awesome time with that news hanging around my neck. But aside from that horrifying fact, I hobnobbed with Valparaiso’s Green Elite … all 40 of us. I met a guy from the Indiana Green Party (who knew?), a past-life regressionist and some people that were just mad about swizzle sticks. That’s quite a mix, right?

As for where you can get your own Green Drinks experience, log onto their site and find the next meeting in your hometown. Why not contact your local group and check it out?