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A Grassroots Movement

What can you do, realistically, to make a difference?  What do you already do to use your mad gardening skills to help others?
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It seems everyone is buzzing about Eat the View these days. If you haven’t been buzzed, it's a petition to get the White House lawn removed and to have a large victory garden installed in its place. The produce grown in this garden will be used by the White House kitchen and also donated to local food panties. All super noble, I mean, wow!

Now here’s the big "but"…

The first step mentioned on the Eat the View website is to START AT HOME and I'm thinking people might be glossing over that step. It's a lot easier to point to the top and ask them to set the example, but that's not grassroots.

And if anything should be grassroots, it's a movement that promotes gardening! So I want to start my own grassroots movement and petition, paying all respects to Eat the View. I am going to make a pledge to:

  1. Persuade and encourage friends and neighbors to plant a garden (the ones that don’t already vegetable garden, but that do have gardening and landscaping). I'm going to help them with placement and care, whatever it takes.
  2. Start more vegetable seeds than I need and give them to my friends and neighbors along with all the ingredients for their success. This includes compost, worm castings and 24-hour help-line. For my apartment dwelling friends I will arrange container friendly vegetables.
  3. Grow-a-Row for my local food bank.
  4. Train my dog not to pee on my garden. I'll admit some veggies became purely ornamental after witnessing a few too many baptisms. That's wasteful, but also really, really gross. For example, this Swiss chard was completely inedible after being used as a wrestling mat...
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What can you do, realistically, to make a difference? Is it going to be difficult for you? What do you already do to use your mad gardening skills to help others?

I started a new thread in the forum so that you can list your pledges. Let's hear them!