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Grace, the Horticulture Team Intern

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Grace here. I am so excited I have the opportunity to be working with the Horticulture community this summer as the editorial intern. I hail from Cincinnati, OH, I am pursuing a Journalism degree at Ohio University and I’ll be a senior this year. Even though I’m a beginning gardener, I’m learning fast and already feel so welcomed in the @CoHorts community, so thanks for having me! If you have questions about my experience, Ohio University, or anything at all, feel free to email me at (because I’ll be checking!).

Grace, the Horticulture Intern

Go Team Hort! Here I am hard at work at my desk in the Horticulture offices. Checking emails, most likely.

And, just so you know, I’m not just sitting around and drinking coffee all day! I’m working hard over at the Horticulture magazine offices, especially on the special sections and features for our December/January double issue (I’ll give you more hints about the feature later- I promise). But for now, I’d like to mention that I don’t think all of our CoHorts realize how often I’ve been on our CoHort's forum. There, I have been posting the most up-to-date information about gardening events from submissions and press releases sent to our editor email account. We get tons of emails about garden sales, events, and walks from garden clubs, societies and nurseries in your area! If you check out the Regional Interests forum, you can see all of the neat events going on where you live. It’s really a great resource for gardeners in your area to connect with each other and know what cool events are going on. I really want everyone to be able to take advantage of this database of information. Check it out at, and while your there, feel free to start a free account and start positing your own updates!