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I Dare You To Use This Handy Tip

I use my leftover hair-dying gloves to accomplish the grossest of tasks...
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I dye my hair, not a surprise to anyone. This shade of blonde is not found naturally on anyone over the age of 5. It may be surprising that I don’t do it out of rock star envy though; I do it because of my deep love for all things old Hollywood. It’s my salute to Carole Lombard, Jean Harlow and Mae West. I’ve been dying my hair since high school and have developed a real talent for it. One of my skills is not ever using the latex gloves that come in the box. My hands are Teflon tough from years of gardening so I use those hair-dye gloves for something much darker.

In fact I just used those gloves to pick up three months worth of dog poop out of my yard. Mother Nature has relented and the snow are melting, and well, it was a minefield. Yeah, it’s pretty close to full contact and really very disgusting but it gets the job done a lot faster and better than the dumb pooper scooper does. Aside from the grossness factor the only real danger is when I feel the need to push my sunglasses up.

Now I can toss the gloves, wash my hands for about 10 minutes and move on with gardening tasks that are so much more pleasant. It’s going to be a good day!

It's disgusting, I know, and I would understand if you never wanted to shake my hand again but dog poop is a reality... Wanna talk about it in the forum?