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Gee, Your Sweat Smells Terrific!

Here's an adorable way to not smell like oxen when you're out sweating with the planties...

It's really hot out there and if you're not sweating your aster off in the garden, there's a chance that you might be doing it wrong.

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I KNOW I'm going to sweat like a soaker hose cranked up to high so I make the most of it by wearing myrrh beads when the weather gets like this.

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They are actual beads made from myrrh! (As in "gold, frankincense and...")

They come as a 36" necklace, the beads are strung on thick thread. I wanted to be able to loop it several times around so I bought 2 strands (they are dirt cheap) and snipped each strand. I pulled off enough of the beads on the ends to tie the ends of 2 of the strands together. On the 2 loose ends I added a regular necklace spring ring. Ta-da. Cute little scented choker!

The smell? Magnificent, and the more you sweat? The stronger it smells.

Seriously. You could sweat like Chris Farley (RIP) and still smell really pretty!

Forum, yo.

P.S. The Etsy source I listed above has already sold out of the myrrh beads- this website seems to have a lock-down on them... CHEAP!