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The Cure For Garlic Mustard: Music?

I've pulled enough Garlic Mustard to KNOW how to get rid of it. The right song...

I spent many hours pulling Garlic Mustard in my childhood. Piles of it. Acres of it. Kardashians of it.

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So when I saw these little seedlings coming up, I knew I was in a heap of trouble.

So I put on my tried and true Garlic Mustard weeding song and went to it.

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The song is by Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn and it's called "Musst Musst" but it really sounds like he is singing "Garlic Mustard, Mustard, Garlic Mustard, Mustard". Maybe he is. Maybe I've uncovered this songs real meaning.

I prefer this remix by Massive Attack. The tempo is just right for sitting on yer ass and weeding for hours, moving a foot every 4 minutes. Just listen to it on a loop and eradicate. I do.

Forum, yo.