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Garden Walk Or Parade Of Tartans

I found out recently that the garden walk I’ve been aiming to be on for a year is on the same sacred day as the Highland Games and I don’t know what to do.
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I’ve been going to the Highland Games for the last 12 years at least. I went solo before I met Dan and then after we started dating he wasn't that interested in going with me. Then some sort of switch got flipped in him and now it's his favorite day of the year. He owns a kilt and sporran. We both dress like Scottish geeks but we are in good company while we are there. We love it so much that we talk about next year's Highland Games on the way home from the Highland Games, seriously.

I should probably explain what the Highland Games are. It's a celebration of being Scottish, which we both just barely are, but we look the part. There are meat pies, whiskey tastings, caber toss, a parade of tartans, British cars, sword dancing, but most importantly, men in kilts and rugby players. We meet up with friends there that we don't often get to see and sit in the sun and drink good beer and listen to good music and eat shortbread. It's pure heaven on earth, even though for the last few years the mercury has been hanging around the 100-degree mark on Highland Games day. And that's quite cruel if you are a pasty (partial) Scot wearing much wool.

So now the local garden walk is scheduled for the same day. Doesn't June 20th seem a little early for a garden walk? I've been meowing about being in garden walk for years; it's a goal I've set for myself. I want to prove to the world, or maybe just Porter County, what can be done with very little money and a lot of imagination. Now is where I should mention that most people I know say I can't pull off the garden walk, that I'm not ready because my garden is too new. So, I have a little something to prove and I can't quite prove it if I'm in Illinois chasing bagpipers around.

But it is bad timing. The weekend before the 20th is a wedding that I'm doing the flowers for so that project will be all consuming up to that point, how much time would I have to spend in my garden anyways?

Why can't I have my shortbread and eat it too?

Dan in the Knobbly Knees Competition

I'm setting up a poll in the forum. What should it be? Garden Walk or Highland Games?