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GardenScape It Up, Yo!

I've been in Rochester, NY for the last few days enjoying (and presenting) at the GardenScape show!

I am GardenScape in Rochester, NY. Let's quit with the small talk and just get to the photos, right?

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This garden won a lot of awards- and it deserved it! If not because it was beautiful and entertaining.... then because many people thought that pool in the center was a bench and tried to sit on it. ANARCHY!

This one is perfect for a modern stone-age family.

This display was really great, except they felt the need to dye the water. I will now forever refer to it as "The Peeing Window".

I'd very much like to take this purple corn crib home with me. I'd plant Golden Hops on it for a Lasik eye surgery effect and put and old bathtub inside and nothing else. Alas, US Airways has strict carry-on rules about corn cribs...

More later. I have videos. And I haven't even mentioned the jack pot of vintage seed packets I've hit. Or the awesome people.

It's been a good trip!

Forum, yo.