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Wicked Game

What happens when you mix gardening with a board game?
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I bought The Garden Game several years ago at a thrift store. I was excited because it combines my love of gardening with Dan’s love of collecting board games. We had never played it until the other night. Well, it turns out, we weren’t missing anything, or at least I wasn’t. Dan had a great time, loved it, as a matter of fact. He won and he won’t stop gloating about how he beat me, literally, at my own game.

It turns out, being a gardener isn’t going to help you win this game, remembering the 8,000 complex rules will. It’s a combination of Monopoly and a complicated card game that could potentially go on for 4 hours. No kidding. I’m almost thankful Dan annihilated me an hour in. I was just about to accidentally spill a drink on the board so the punishment would end.

On the bright side? It’s lovely, but chaotic, to look at. It’s also delightfully British, it made us want to say alu-min-i-um and ad-vertis-ment.

A quick Google search tells me it’s worth $60 on Ebay, but Dan wants to keep it. He thought it was fun, of course he did, sore winner! I’d rather be gardening for real.

Do you know of any gardening related games? It seems like there are a few out there. Taken any for a test drive? Meet me in the forum and tell me all about it!