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Holiday Gift Guide

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Searching for gift ideas for a special gardener in your life? We happen to know what gardeners love! 

Can’t go wrong with plants!


Bluestone Perennials Gift Certificates

Bluestone grows and ships over 1,200 varieties of perennials, ground covers and shrubs, from beloved garden classics to unique and hard-to-find specimens. No matter how many plants a gardener already has, they can always find something more in the Bluestone Perennials. It's one of my personal favorites. All plants have a 100% guarantee to grow and thrive.

Bluestone Perennials gift certificates can be sent via email or USPS with a catalog and a personal note and are processed next-business day.

Values from $20.00 to $500.00 fit any budget.



Grandma’s Favorite Peony Collection

Peonies are back! Who can resist their huge, fragrant blooms perfect for bouquets? Pink and white classic herbaceous peonies will take your gift recipient back to the gardens of his or her childhood. This collection from Peonys Envy includes classic cultivars with large full flower forms.

Grandma’s Favorite Peonies Gift Package includes 6 bare-root peonies:

Dr. Alexander Fleming (2 plants)

Sarah Bernhardt (2 plants)

Festiva Maxima (2 plants)

This special offer includes six plants for the price of five and can be selected to ship in the fall or spring.




Ernst Conservation Seeds Native Seed Mixes

Ernst Conservation Seeds grows, processes and sells hundreds of species of native and naturalized seeds for restoration, beautification, reclamation and conservation. Personalize your garden gifts with preformulated seed mixes optimized for specific site types from eastern Canada to the southeastern United States, and for purposes from erosion control to wildlife habitat.

Download the free catalog and reference guide 

Check prices and availability here


Gardeners love practical gifts


Chapin Premier Pro Sprayer

Gardeners can protect and fertilize the garden like a pro with Chapin Manufacturing's Premier Stainless Steel Sprayer. This heavy-duty tool can make a gardener's life so much easier. The 2-gallon tank features a funnel top for easy filling. The brass wand has a shut-off with lock-on feature for fatigue free spraying, and a brass nozzle that can be adjusted to deliver a fine mist or stream. The 42-inch reinforced hose accesses hard-to-reach areas. Easily pump and carry with the ergonomic handle.




DR. JIMZ Chicken Soup for the Soil®

Give your favorite gardener a head start on next year's garden by helping him or her stock the toolshed with fertilizer. Jim Zamzow’s Chicken Soup for the Soil® is designed to stimulate microbes in the soil and deliver the nutrition plants need to meet their maximum potential. It's nontoxic, nonleaching and contains no animal byproducts.

64-oz. jug for $29.95 with free shipping and a money-back guarantee.



Arcadia Glasshouse Greenhouses & Conservatories

Those holiday car commercials crack me up. I'd rather look out the window and see a gorgeous greenhouse wrapped in a giant bow! Gardeners can grow organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers all year long in a beautiful Arcadia Greenhouse. These high-quality greenhouses are available in standard and custom sizes with freestanding, lean-to and kneewall options. Glass or polycarbonate, the strong aluminum frame meets snow load and wind load specs anywhere in the United States.

Want to know more? Download Arcadia's free 10-Step Greenhouse Planning Guide

Prices vary


Gifts they can put right to use


Santa and Ladder Amaryllis Stake

"Step up" your amaryllis gift giving with this cute Santa and ladder amaryllis stake. This ladder-shaped metal stake holds up to two amaryllis stalks and makes a perfect perch for the hand-painted Santa figurine. It's also available with a gingerbread man or elf. This fun and functional accessory keeps blooms upright as amaryllis stems grow, and kids will love repositioning St. Nick daily to keep up with the stretching plant. Add this cute ladder stake on to your amaryllis order from Breck's. The amaryllis in the photo is Miracle. The ladder is 16 in. tall and 4 in. in diameter. Visit Breck’s Gifts online and enjoy free shipping on your holiday order through 12/31/20.




Amaryllis Holiday Collection

Make the container gardener in your life happy with this amaryllis bulb package from Jung Seed Co. It includes three festive 6-inch terra-cotta holiday pots with a surprise selection of three amaryllis varieties chosen from over 40 on offer. The white, red, pink, striped, peach or orange flowers will bloom up to three times per year, for a gift that keeps on giving.




Pretty Neck Gaiters

Everyone's wearing them these days, and why settle for plain? I'm having a hard time choosing between the pretty designs and patterns in this collection. And you don't have to be a gardener to appreciate these accessories and original designs.




Handmade Holiday Ornament Collection

Every one of the five charming wooden trees in this exclusive collection is turned by hand in Woodsmith magazine's Iowa workshop. And it's delivered in a custom wooden box. Because it's hand-crafted, there are only a limited quantity available, so if you're thinking about ordering, you might do so early. I already got one for myself!

$120.00 Limited quantities available.



Adventures in Eden

I've always wanted to take a European garden tour with Carolyn Mullet of Carex Tours. Her new book will tide me over until it happens. From Belgium to Ireland, Scandinavia to Wales, Carolyn guides readers on an exclusive tour of 50 of Europe’s most beautiful private gardens. Whether you (or your gift recipient) love exploring faraway places or creating your own landscape haven at home, Adventures in Eden is the ideal armchair getaway — a glimpse into personal garden artistry that is sure to spark inspiration.

Save 35% off this and all books from Timber Press with the code PLANTNERDOffer Expires December 31, 2020.