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Holiday Gift Guide

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Searching for gift ideas for a special gardener in your life? We happen to know what gardeners love! 


Bluestone Perennials Gift Certificates

Bluestone grows and ships over 1,200 varieties of perennials, ground covers and shrubs, from beloved garden classics to unique and hard-to-find specimens. No matter how many plants a gardener already has, they can always find something more in the Bluestone Perennials. It's one of my personal favorites. All plants have a 100% guarantee to grow and thrive.

Bluestone Perennials gift certificates can be sent via email or USPS with a catalog and a personal note and are processed next-business day.

Values from $20.00 to $500.00 fit any budget.



Santa and Ladder Amaryllis Stake

"Step up" your amaryllis gift giving with this cute Santa and ladder amaryllis stake. This ladder-shaped metal stake holds up to two amaryllis stalks and makes a perfect perch for the hand-painted Santa figurine. It's also available with a gingerbread man or elf. This fun and functional accessory keeps blooms upright as amaryllis stems grow, and kids will love repositioning St. Nick daily to keep up with the stretching plant. Add this cute ladder stake on to your amaryllis order from Breck's. The amaryllis in the photo is Miracle. The ladder is 16 in. tall and 4 in. in diameter. 




Jung Seed Sweet Golden Glitter Gift Box

Who doesn't love chocolate and flowers? This festive gift box is filled with unprocessed honey products sourced from Honey Acres in Wisconsin. The Sweet Golden Glitter Gift Box includes dark chocolate honey truffles, raw honey spread and a glitter-dipped Minerva amarylis. Delicious, beautiful and festive!




Paw Paw Everlast Label Company

A bundle of plant labels is something most gardeners would love to find in their stockings. How many of us have wished we had kept better records when friends ask us to identify a plant we've had for years? These high-quality zinc, aluminum or copper labels will last for years and mark up beautifully. Not sure which size or style is best? Try the Introductory Offer, which includes 8 styles plus marking pencil for only $7.50. Free shipping and made in the United States.

Prices Vary




Give your landscaping a personalized touch this spring with an etched Name or Address stone! Each 14”x14” solid enhanced concrete stone includes a metal support stake for guaranteed stability. Made in the USA.

15% OFF and FREE Shipping with code GARDEN at checkout!



Botanical Interests

Here's another great stocking stuffer idea: The beautiful Botanical Interests packet illustrations on notecards, prints, desk calendars and tote bags. Seeing these charming illustrations on things I use every day just makes me happy. Grab some for yourself and a friend!

Prices Vary



Chapin Tools

The Chapin 5010 Duster and 10029 Hydroponic Sprayer are two great tools for protecting and nurturing plants, both indoors and out. A light squeeze of the Duster will deliver a fine covering of your preferred pest control product, on or under foliage. The Hydroponic Sprayer gently mists plants with a fine spray, ideal for humidifying or cleaning delicate plants, and foliar application of fertilizer.

$31.99 and $30.99



Sturdi-Built Greenhouses

When you're rheady to treat your favorite garden (or yourself) to every gardener's dream, these beautiful custom-built greenhouses are just the thing. Sturdi-Built's redwood greenhouses and sunrooms are available in a number of different styles and sizes, and the company backs up its high-quality structures with high-quality customer service.

Call 800-334-4115 or email for more information.

Prices Vary



Garden-Inspired Phone Cases

Everyone needs a phone case. Why settle for something boring? Choose from photos and illustrations that celebrate gardens in every season. Every design is available for either iPhone or Samsung. And you don't have to be a gardener to appreciate these original designs.