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Garden Resolutions 2012

I've made a list of my garden resolutions for 2012:

1. Stick to the list, stick to the budget. I always go plant shopping with a list of just what I want/need to get and an idea of how much I want to spend. Generally I come home with more plants and less money than I intended. In 2012 I will stick to my list and the budget by bringing only cash.

2. Try something new. I always seem to gravitate toward the same favorite genera. Before I go shopping in 2012, I'll make sure my plant list includes something I haven't grown before.

3. Dawdle less. My time in the garden is pretty limited, but I have to admit I waste a lot of it standing around staring at how it's all shaping up; "assessing" weeds instead of just getting in and pulling them; rearranging plants a million times before actually planting them (and always ending up back at the first arrangement); etc. I once came in from the garden and my husband said, "This is what you looked like every time I looked out the window." Then stood with his hands on his hips and a concerned look on his face. As they sometimes say about city workers, if you could teach a shovel to stand up on its own . . . So in 2012 I resolve to get out there and get cracking, and I presume end up not feeling so rushed in the end.

4. Start something from seed. I haven't started seeds for a couple years, but I used to enjoy it so much, and now I think my daughter would too. So I'll get a couple packets of annuals to start indoors in February or March.

5. Replace light bulbs in light stand. This is to facilitate resolution #4.

Are you making any garden-related New Year's resolutions? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

Happy New Year!