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The F+W Media summer interns

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The whole gang.

The whole gang.

Here at F+W Media in Cincinnati, we’ve got a whole “bunch” of interns working in different communities just like me! As I reside in the Horticulture community, other interns are busy working in genealogy, writing, sales, marketing, art, photography and other departments. Even though we are spread across different floors and offices, us interns have still taken the chance to bond and really get to know each other.

We were assigned a “corporate” project to create a way for other members of the office to get to know us. We put our heads together and decided to build our own website with bio pages and create a live feed with real-time updates through a Twitter account. (Follow us @FWInternBunch). We recently launched our F+W intern website to introduce ourselves and I encourage you to check it out! We are a diverse group from different hometowns, universities and majors, but our passion for learning and growing as students is what we have in common (and that we like going to Chipotle for lunch). We are looking forward to a great summer and starting new friendships!

PS- Check out my friend Lindsay's new blog post as the intern for Family Tree Magazine with the Geneology community!