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Etsy Finds: The Push Present

Do you know what a push present is? It's the hunk of rock (and I don't mean flagstone!) that your husband is supposed to give you for having a baby. I believe it is supposed to relieve some of the guilt he feels because you just KNOW he's just grateful it wasn't him...

Bad to the phloem!

In my case, I'd actually have been thankful for some flagstone... I have a walk I need to repair in a bad way.

But no. We kicked it old school and my push present was the actual baby.

No complaints. She's cool, but...

Wouldn't this have been a cool push present? What do you think?

What says "Thanks for having my baby!" like a giant ring of 2 sexxxy earthworms?


I think it's pretty rad...

It comes from an Etsy store called Heron Adornment and she has some other cool, vermiculture inspired jewelry you should see.

Better than diamonds? Better than flagstone?

For sure, more badass!