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Estate Sale Jackpot!

On a recent Saturday morning, I slothed out on the sofa, listening to Car Talk, sleepily. Dan said he was going out for coffee.

Bad to the phloem!

He didn't come back for 4 hours.

He had hit an estate sale jackpot and instead of calling me, he lept into action- knowing every minute was too precious to waste.

He grabbed up some one-of-a-kind, fancy metal tiki torches (who knew there was such a thing?) and some broken down staddle stones... 2 copper Smith and Hawken pots, 2 vintage bouncer chairs...


Cement Birch Stump Planter

Cement Birch Stump Planter

Cement Birch Stump Planter

$30. It's the heaviest thing I know of, Dan had to empty it of gravel and soil from the cretaceous period. I can't believe he went through the trouble, but he knew I'd LOVE it.

And I do!

I'm thinking of making it a water feature (but I'm leaving the Hens and Chicks!).