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Dog days of summer

It's a heat wave in the Ohio River valley! Temperatures this weekend were in the mid- to high 90s, and there's no relief in sight. The dog days of summer have indeed begun. This past holiday weekend I confess to staying inside more than I wish to admit, but it was, as a friend says, "stupid hot!" I watered the garden regularly and at length and made sure all the containers were well watered. (Here's a link to a story on about when is the best time to water)

On Sunday, Independence Day, the neighbors set off fireworks that were amazing. Way more than Roman candles or those popping papers you step on, these were professional-grade beauties. We sat on the front porch and ooohed-and-ahhhhed for a time until the mosquitos swarmed and sent me running back inside.

Tonight my beau and I are headed to Riverbend Music Center for the Santana concert! It's going to be hot, hot, hot in more ways than simply indicated by the heat index—love the guitar greatness embodied by Mr. Santana!