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Do or Do Not...

My OB did not seem keen to accept a $50 bribe to induce me immediately.

Bad to the phloem!

I cannot stand being pregnant on this first nice day of the year, it's 80 degrees and sunny here in Chicago after what seems like months of not even hitting 45.

I'm now at the point where bending over is just... humorous. Not so much because of the bump, which is giant, but my legs are so swollen and painfully gross that it's just a mess.

To top it off- last week, a customer warned me (more like scared the @#$* out of me) about toxoplasmosis (which I always confuse with trichinosis), if you have feral cats in your 'hood-- the chance is always there thet they are poopin' in your garden. All the gloves in the world don't make me feel great about that.

I think I'm giving up.

For now.

The second I GET HER OUT OF ME and I'm able to bend over again? Game back on!

So to soothe my brain, I have planned a trip to a flea market today to keep me out of trouble. I can slowly waddle down the aisles hunting for the vintage garden stuff I just can't get enough of....

For such a hardcore DOER and a rabid gardener... I'm getting to be surprisingly ok with the state of the mess in my yard. I sort of have to be.

For just a short time more...

Because next week I will offer the OB $100....