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Dead Trees, You Rock Me Like The Real Thing

I've always had a soft spot for dead trees...

I've always had a fondness for dead trees. I love them in our Illinois marshes, like them painted bold colors in the landscape and often bring in beautifully lichened branches to display in my house- much to the dismay of my husband (and to the naughty delight of my naughty dog!).

It was interesting, and just a little bit weird, to see so many dead trees on display at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show yesterday. I saw them hanging from the ceiling...

I saw pretty things hanging from dead branches everywhere, a half-circle of white painted trees in the center of the show, random logs aplenty and tons of dead tree stumps on display. Go figure.

Celebrating trees in their most lifeless form takes some of the pressure off, I'd say.

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So, is dead wood a new trend? Or is it just super easy to source in March in Chicago??

I think I'll just contemplate this Sifl and Olly skit instead of figuring it all out.