Butterfly Attack!

Check out this post at your own risk... these butterflies are killers. And also I think I posted photos of butterfly sex. Oops.
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When I was in Rochester for the GardenScape show, I got the chance to check out the Strong Museum of Play- which was super fantastic, even though I went alone. I can only imagine how much fun it is with a kid!

Anywhoo- the museum has a really kickin' butterfly garden. So I paid my $2 to get in and then this happened...

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Scary stuff.

After I was brutally mauled by butterflies I managed to snap a few photos on my way to the first aid station. It seemed like all the butterflies were gettin' it on. It was hard to find ones that weren't...

There WAS music in there, but it was sort of new age-y harp stuff and not Barry White. Go figure...