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Putting The "Buck" In "Bucket"

I use a lot of recycled bulb crates for storage in my garden (and my home) BUT...

I use leftover bulb crates for almost all my gardening needs (and 89% of my indoor needs,too!), but I have a few of these $1 totes and I just adore using them. I just picked up a few at the Dollar Spot at Target (yeah, I love the Dollar Spot, want to make something of it?) and I'll be able to use them for keeping seeds, carrying stone, carrying in harvested stuff (vegetables, herbs and bouquets), taking stuff out to the compost heap, holding bottles of worm juice and possibly even for bringing picnic supplies outside and carrying the dirty stuff back in. If I wanted to, I could fill it with a little sheet moss and soil and plant it up and zip tie it to my fence... or something.

I think that's a lot of possibilities for a buck.

It's nice how I cleaned some of the crap off my dining room table before I snapped that shot, eh? Nothing but the best for Kiss My Aster!

Forum, yo!

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