BLT Season Is Now Open!

The first tomatoes are beginning to ripen, you know what that means? BLT season!
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Truthfully, I don't eat a lot of meat. One of the things that keeps me from going "whole hog" vegetarian (get it?) is BLT season. I can stand the veggie bacon just fine, but Dan's not that into it. And we have both agreed that turkey bacon is a waste of the word "bacon". It's gotta be the real deal.

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My early tomotoes are ripening, in this case the tomatoes are 'Black Prince', reseeded from last years crop. These don't seem to have good enough flavor for a Caprese salad but work just perfectly on a BLT.

A little lettuce and a thin layer of mayo on both pieces of white bread toast so the tomatoes don't make it all soggy and....

BLTs make August tolerable in this house.

I'll be in the forum- OR outside watching tomatoes ripen. Hard to say.