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Garden Blasphemy: My New Shed/Bar

You'll ask yourself, "Why?"

It all started when I saw this on Craigslist...

Which took me immediately to this and I knew I had to have it. So Dan called and arranged to pick it up for me and I was very, very pleased.

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

When Dan hung up after getting the guys address, he said, "Yeah, it's not yellow. It's purple. The guy makes a different one every year for some reason. Last year's was yellow. Each one says something New Orleansy at the top".

And I was stunned. Dan arrangeth a banana stand and then he taketh away...


So- I decided to go with it anyway and boy, am I glad. Because check IT out!


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I haven't gotten the roof on it yet- and I'm going to install some sort of shower curtain situation in there or something to make it a little more weather proof. And yes- it has a little bar on the inside. You can keep your fancy outdoor bars...

Because "there's always money in the banana stand".

Forum, yo.