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I wish I had a cell phone that was as reliable as Centranthus ruber

I wish I could count on my cell phone the way I count on Centranthus ruber....

Good 'ol Centranthus ruber, it's a bit of a weed but it just blooms it's face off all summer long. I can really count on it to be AWESOME to the bitter end. Butterflies freak out over it, too.

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When I look at it, my head tilts to the side, my face goes all gooey and I get a tiny glimmer in my eye. Thanks, Jupiter's Beard- for rockin' it all summer long. (Cue the theme from 'Golden Girls')

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(Why it's called Jupiter's Beard I will never know, nothing about it is Jupitery or beardy)

I wish I could count on my Blackberry to rock as hard. Lately, it's acted more like an annual Lobelia in the heat of summer.

I'm thinkin' about a Droid. Maybe I'll ask the sales person if they've ever heard of Centranthus ruber and if they could do a comparison pie chart for me.

P.S. I do deadhead the Centranthus it to keep it from having 4G coverage.

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