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A Completely Biased Book Review

I wish I could tool around in the Horticulture Dibblemobile giving vegetable-growing advice to anyone that needs it. But since the Dibblemobile is in the shop, this is the next best thing
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Growing Food: A Guide For Beginners

by Jean Ann Van Krevelen

Let’s start with full disclosure: I’m actually in this book a little, so I am slightly biased. But this is a damn great book. Its like Jean Ann is your BFF and she’s talking you through everything calmly and with funniness. I especially like her “Ten Steps To Becoming a (insert vegetable here) Lover” which will encourage you to really tailor what you grow to YOU which is the name of the game and where many people go wrong when it comes to vegetable gardening.

Also fantastic? The recipes! There isn’t anything I wouldn’t eat, even in the beet section. And I don’t even like beets.

Unusual and cool? This book is packed with amazing web resources, which I’ve never seen before in a book. Websites, videos, blogs—it’s really meaty info and alone is probably worth the price of the book. Unless the book costs $300. I honestly didn’t look into the price, just the content, baby.

Am I pouring it on too thick? Is now the time to mention that Jean Ann and I are venturing into the world of podcasting together? Does that completely detract from all the truths in this post? OK, I’ll shut up. But check out the book; it debuts today.

I’ll be in the forum. And remember that time is ticking on the Gardeny Hands Contest. These are great prizes! I shouldn’t have to remind you.