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As The Asters Bloom

On the last episode of As The Asters Bloom...

In the last episode of As The Asters Bloom, our heroine had just moved from Indiana to a small town in Chicagoland's North Shore and was completely exhausted but exhilarated by her fabulous new home.

The drama? She couldn't find her camera cable to download photos and videos of her new home! Oh, the TEARS! The AGONY!

So she ripped through allllllllllllllllllllll the boxes- and you know where she found it? In the second to last box. Naturally.

So then our (ahem) little genius superstar took a nice, calm video of her yard where she doesn't speak a mileaminuteandjumbleallherwords and it just WOULND'T STINKIN' UPLOAD.

This unpacking thing BLOWS and I know I have to get the inside in some sort of order before I start working on the outside and ITS KILLING ME. Can't wait to show you my yard and tell you the wack-a-doo (even for me) theme .

Oh man, I can't even get a normal photo to upload while I'm uploading this movie so I'll insert something that has nothing to do with anything then just call it a night. I'm going to bed, you go hang out in the forum.

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