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KMA's Science Friday: Part I

I'm doing a bit of a taste test over here, sans actual tasting...

OBJECTIVE: Test 3 Boxwoods, one treated with WiltPruf (an antitranspirant), one with FreezePruf (an anti-freezative- made that up!) and one left au natural as the control. All 3 have been planted in a container together, in a windy location, and face an awful Chicago winter. Which will look best in March?

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It's already been a few months and I have to say that there really isn't any difference in how they look. Perhaps I'm biased since I'm not a big believer in this sort of stuff anyways. I mean, if your plant needs to be kept on life support to make it through the winter, then I'm the Dr. Kevorkian of plants.

The pink tie is the FreezePruf, the red is WiltPruf... The urn needs a lick of paint.

Place your bets in the forum!

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