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An Unusual Update on an Old Post

Here's a Vintage Kiss My Aster post from August 16th, 2008...

Bad to the phloem!

(and after that, a pretty cool update)

"Ok, my Aunt Nancy had these funky plates when I was a kid...wait, back up. My Aunt Nancy had funky EVERYTHING when I was a kid, from smiley face vases to KISS festival mirrors to a wicked collection of 45's.

So these funky plates she had really grabbed my attention when I was like, 7. Which is odd because about 10 years prior to that they must have grabbed my mom's attention because she bought them for my Aunt.

There is a totally of 6 of them but I only have the 2 hung because it's actually hard to hang them in 2 columns and blah, blah, blah.

I asked my Auntie about them a few months ago and I got the names off the back from her and I set up all the possible eBay alerts I could to score these plates for myself. Luckily, Aunt Nancy gifted them to me- I'm so grateful! Not only are they funny to anybody- they are HYSTERICAL to me, the one planning to get a Linnaeus inspired tattoo.

Thanks Aunt Nancy!" (end of vintage post)

Ok. So she DID give me hers and I'm grateful... but they'd been through the dishwasher a few times, the paint was a little sad, they had some chips...

So today, I had a little extra time between appointments at work and I stopped by a thrift shop. After mulling around for a few minutes, I saw a cute box under a stack o' crap.

Paralyzed with the possibilities- it took me a second to realize what it was. But when I did, I started to hold my breath for some reason... until I was checked out.

Sure enough, it's another set of the plates, in mint condition IN THE BOX. And get this.

I got them for $1.75.

Fresh photos to come, as my camera batteries have died and I can't find the charger anywhere.

Here's an old photo of 2 of them, from the set my aunt gave me.

Nonsense Salad Plates

Nonsense Salad Plates

Nonsense Salad Plates

Here's the names on all 6 though, while you're waiting on me to come up with more photos...

Piggiwiggia pyramidalis

Shoebootia utilis

Manypeeplia upsidownia

Tigerlillia terriblis

Enkoopia chickabiddia

Phatfacia stupenda*

*Which I think predates the use of the word "phat" by anyone else by like, 15 years