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All I Wanted Was A Birki

Working outside in winter requires special footgear, usually large Wampa-like boots- and that requires some shopping around. But when your belly is growing by the minute, a little extra thought is needed...

Bad to the phloem!

My monstrous Sorel Snowlion boots are terrific- but a trial to get on and off, even without the bun in the oven. So now- I'm looking for a little more ease and and a little less squeeze.

I LOVVVVVVVED the Super Birki clogs I had a few years ago and I can say honestly that I've never worn a shoe out like I did those clogs...

Birkenstock Burial

Birkenstock Burial

I'd just buy another pair of those again in a heart beat but, I need something with a back to it- because OSHA says so.

Also- with the open back, a crapload of snow gets in- this much is true.

So I needed a shoe like the Super Birkis, but with a back....It was hard to find, but it exists! The Birki Profi!

So I find the 3 places on the web that have them in red and order up a pair- only to get an email 3 days later that it will be A WHOLE MONTH until they get them in stock. Which seemed okay for a day or 2, until pregnancy really started to take its toll and my dogs started to BARK!

So I emailed them and told them "thanks but no thanks" and I went on to order from the second most inexpensive place... In Germany.

I did mention that they are pricey, right? Between $90 and $120, depending....

Now- here is where the plot thickens. The first place will not correspond with me via email (which they were happy to do when they needed to let me know it'd be a month until I'd get them), or refund my money... but I still don't have the shoes, either (and it's been more than a month). The second place, after weeks of leaving me adrift of information, FINALLY confirmed that they are on their way ... from Germany.

All I wanted was a Birki.

And now I have to call the first company and give them a pregnancy hormone show of rage and disappointment. Which I think they've earned at this point.

P.s. If you're wondering why I don't just buy Crocs- I'm really looking for that awesome cork footbed that's filled with German stability and support. Plus, I've fooled myself into thinking they are a little less ugly than Crocs.

P.p.s. If you're wondering how these clogs-with-backs are going to do boot-duty this winter I have 3 words for you... extensive legwarmer collection.