Kiss My Aster's 2009 Accomplishments

Turns out that I was no slacker in 2009. Here's 10 random accomplishments...
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My horoscope said 2009 was going to be the best year ever for me and, for once, it was right. Here are a few random things I did that I can remember. Which is an accomplishment in itself.

In no particular order....

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  1. I started 2009 with intentions of making a book (notice I didn't even say "write"). I didn't fulfill that intention but I did contribute to 3 other books. This one, this one and this one. I think I still owe 2009 a book, don't tell it where to find me.
  2. I broke my key off in the ignition of my car
  3. A friend and I started a podcast with a target audience of pretty much just the 2 of us.
  4. I got a glider
  5. I moved back to Illinois and got my dream job with Landscaping Company X.
  6. I completely abandoned an entire garden in Indiana when I moved. It still hurts to think about.
  7. I harassed thousands of people via Twitter and Facebook
  8. I stumbled through a series of interviews, workshops and one webinar
  9. I co-birthed a wee side project so that I could ensure that I never had any spare time ever again
  10. I started blogging for Horticulture, the best damn gardening magazine out there, run by the nicest people ever. So nice that when I get asked to change that to a "dang" tomorrow, I'll do it with a smile.

Peace out, 2009. You didn't suck. Forum, yo.