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Gardener’s Edge 2015 Catalog

Am Leonards Gardeners Edge CatalogThe Gardener’s Edge 2015 Catalog is full of great ideas for making gardening even more enjoyable, like the ingenious Garden Scoot and the Bulb Bopper. You’ve got to check these out.

Download Gardener’s Edge 2015 Catalog now.



Your Guide to Growing Veggies
Do you want to get started in growing edible plants? Or maybe you’re already an avid vegetable gardener, but would like to learn even more about tending your favorite fruits and veggies. In this download you’ll find advice on choosing edible plants, growing herbs in containers, improving your soil, selecting seeds and more, courtesy of PlantersPlace.

Download “Your Guide to Growing Veggies” now.

Inspiration for Passionate Gardeners
Here’s an introduction to PlantersPlace, a great online resource for people who love to garden. In this download you’ll get familiar with the features of PlantersPlace and how to use them; plus you’ll find direct links to great advice on growing roses, and an explanation of the elements in plant food and how they’re useful to our plants.

Download “Inspiration for Passionate Gardeners” now.

Great Garden Plants

Great Garden PlantsHorticulture‘s Great Garden Plants download features award-winning garden plant selections for shade, sun and everywhere in-between. Get it now!

Download “Great Garden Plants” now.



Double-Duty Plants

double duty plants downloadMake the most of your gardening space—whatever its size—by choosing plants that perform more than one function. To get started, read this free download in which the experts at Monrovia highlight shrubs and perennials that are both edible and ornamental; that attract and promote beneficial insects while they beautify your yard; and native species that can cut your use of resources.

Download “Double-Duty Plants” now.



The Inspiration Book from Monrovia

Are you looking for some ideas and inspiration for your garden? Monrovia, the leading grower of premium garden plants has some fantastic plant varieties that are easy to grow and sure to delight. This FREE download is packed with beautiful design solutions for any garden. Monrovia – extraordinary made easy!

The Inspiration Book from Monrovia


Are You Gardening Year-Round? You Can Be with a New Greenhouse.

Planning the perfect greenhouse for your home or garden is easy with the help of Arcadia GlassHouse. The horticulture experts at Arcadia have created a planning guide to direct you in selecting and designing your new greenhouse. This comprehensive FREE download walks you through each step of the way from site selection, architectural design elements, to maximizing the growing space within your greenhouse.

Are You Gardening Year-Round? You Can Be with a New Greenhouse.


Pruning Made Easy!

Hassle-Free Clematis Pruning Tips
Clematis expert Dan Long, owner of Brushwood Nursery, takes the worry out of pruning clematis vines in his first free download. Dan provides step-by–step instructions for pruning clematis from the spring bloomers to fall blooming varieties as well as herbaceous clematis. Dan also shares stunning photos of his favorite clematis; soon to be your favorites, too!

Pruning Made Easy!


Want to Have a Chemical Free Lawn?

Tips for a Chemical-Free Lawn
Want to Have a Chemical Free Lawn? Since 1929 The Espoma Company has been the pioneer in natural gardening solutions. While much has changed throughout the years, the core philosophy that has guided four generations of family ownership has remained the same – develop the highest quality, most effective natural and organic gardening products possible. Learn how to make your lawn pet and kid friendly with this FREE download from Espoma! Espoma products work in harmony with nature to grow beautiful lawns & gardens.

Want to Have a Chemical Free Lawn?


I Want to Grow Roses, Where Do I Start?

Tips for Growing Roses
Roses add color to your yard and beauty to your life. There are so many options when it comes to roses, everyone can find one that will fit into their landscape and lifestyle. This FREE download from Witherspoon Rose Culture teaches you how to get started growing this wonderful plant.

I Want to Grow Roses, Where Do I Start?


The Gardener in Winter

Though many of us have put our outdoor gardens to bed for the winter, we still have that urge to feel our hands in the dirt and to feel surrounded by growing plants. So the editors of Horticulture have pulled together some of our favorite features and columns to create this mini-issue themed specifically around winter gardening.

The Gardener in Winter


Smart Gardening Guide Step by Step: Seeding a New Lawn

You’ll love this if:

  • You have a worn and weedy lawn that needs extra attention
  • You want to put in a new lawn

In this free, easy-to-download PDF, you will a get a fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to sowing seed to create a well-established lawn before winter. Learn how to remove old sod; amend the soil; make the seedbed; sow the seed; and mulch, water and care for your new lawn.

Download Seeding a New Lawn


Smart Gardening Guide Step by Step: Starting Seeds That Need Cold

Free Smart Gardening Guide: Seeding a New LawnYou’ll love this if:

  • You want to grow plants that are native to temperate regions
  • You want to start seeds of perennials, or fall-ripening trees or shrubs

In this free, easy-to-download PDF, you will a get a fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to sowing seeds that require a moist, cold period before sprouting. Learn how to sow the seeds; locate the seeds in a proper setting; care for the seedlings during germination; thin or transplant the seedlings; and plant the seedlings in the garden.

Download Starting Seeds That Need Cold

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