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Why This Works - Garden Design

One of the best ways to study good garden design is to explore your local parks and gardens. A few minutes from the offices of Horticulture magazine is the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati. We spied this little vignette during a recent visit.

Horticulture Civic Garden Center Garden Design

Why it Works

Varying heights: All the plants are different heights.

Varying forms or shapes: If this were a stand of just hostas, it would be interesting as a collection but not visually appealing. By including the tall, slender shape of the iris and the weeping shape of the Japanese maple, this garden vignette has a variety of forms to make it eye-catching.

Variety of colors: Even if your garden is composed of just a few plants, you can still incorporate a variety colors. Here we see a deep green hosta with variegated leaves positioned next to lime green hostas.

Winter interest. When the hostas have faded, the form of the weeping Japanese maple and the large stone will still be present, marking the spot of the garden and creating winter interest.

Photo courtesy of the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati