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Tips for Growing Calla Lilies in the Garden and Containers


Calla Lilies are an easy-to-care-for plant when the proper planting site is selected. They prefer full sun, but in warmer zones part shade is desirable. The soil must be loose and well drained. Plant these beauties in the spring, once the soil is warm. Place the rhizomes on their sides with the eyes facing up, 1 foot apart and 4 inches deep. Regular watering and monthly feeding are required during the growing season. To keep the plants healthy, and your time working in the garden to a minimum, mulch the area to prevent weed growth and to maintain the soil’s moisture.

When the lilies are done blooming, they need to rest or go dormant. Stop watering the plants for about two to three months. If you want to intermingle other plants in the same garden space, select those that can forego watering during this period.

If you want to spotlight your lilies, or garden space is limited, calla lilies do well in containers. Care for the lilies as if they were planted in the garden, but, when they are dormant, move the container to a dark area once the foliage has faded.

Winter Care After the first frost, carefully remove the lilies from the garden and gently shake off any soil from the rhizomes. Place the rhizomes in a shady spot for a few days to allow them to dry out, then store in peat moss in a cool, dry, dark area.

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