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Sowing Fine Seed

Fine seed can be hard to sow because it is hard to see and handle. Use this trick to sow very fine seed.

Fine seed, such as that of poppies, carrot, eggplant, begonia, petunia and snapdragon, can be hard to sow because it is hard to see and handle.


To sow the seed evenly and confidently, try mixing it with sugar or horticultural sand first. Then sprinkle the mixture across the top of the pot or flat. Mist the surface to promote good contact with the growing medium. Fine seeds generally don't need to be covered, or you can top them with a thin layer of vermiculite. You can thin the seedlings after they sprout.

Fine seed should be sown in a seed-starting mix that is also fine in texture. If your mix seems too coarse, pass it through a sieve before you fill your pots or flats.

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