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Inventory Time: Getting the Garden Shed in Order

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It may not be the most glamorous thing to do in the garden and the finished result is not as pretty, but nothing beats having operating, clean, sharp, water-tight tools on hand when you want to dig in and get gardening.

Take a day now to get your tools and garden supplies in order and you will be thanking yourself all season long!

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Watering tools: Check for leaking watering cans, garden hoses, garden hose nozzles and watering wands as well as underground irrigation.

Tools: Clean, oil and sharpen all cutting tools and shovels. Clean, sharp tools not only make working easier it cuts down on plant disease brought on and spread by dull tools that break and tear plant material.

Containers: Clean containers, remove old soil and roots and scrub with a stiff brush. Do not use harsh chemicals that can linger and harm plants.

Supports: Organize, clean and paint, if you can, stakes, trellises, cages and any other structures you use to support plants. As soon as plants begin to emerge, place supports in the garden—especially good advice for peonies, tomatoes and false indigo (Baptisia australis), which benefit from simple grow-through supports.

Miscellanea: Mend fences, gates and birdhouses and birdbaths. Clean the birds’ feeders, houses and baths. Check tarps and lawn bags for rips and tears. I know I need a new canvas lawn bag each spring!

Fertilizers/soil amendments/deer repellents: Stock up on fertilizers, soil amendments and plant-food stakes. Make sure the deer repellent is on hand, because you will need it as soon as green shoots start emerging!