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Herbal Sunburn Relief

I got a typical gardener’s sunburn on my shoulders over the weekend. Next time this happens I will be prepared with a remedy. I found a recipe for sunburn relief in a small, mail-order catalog produced by Mountain Rose Herbs in Eugene, Ore.

Sunburn Relief Spray (reprinted verbatim from their catalog)
Find immediate relief, shorten healing time, soothe, cool and refresh!
4 oz. organic Aloe Vera Gel
15 drops Lavender Essential Oil
10 drops Vitamin E Oil
2-5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients, pour into a 4 ounce bottle, refrigerate to cool and spritz on skin whenever needed.

Aloe Vera | Organic Sunburn Remedy

Be careful when purchasing essential oils because quality can be an issue. Mountain Rose Herbs is a reputable company that was recommended to me by a Master Herbalist (and Master Gardner), Elizabeth Scholl, of Blue Lotus Botanicals. Liz and I are working on some lotions for a Womanswork Spa line, which we hope to introduce next winter. When Liz and I first met I was curious to know what it means to be a certified ‘herbalist.’ In her case, it means she completed 500 hours of course work through the Global College of Natural Medicine based in Santa Cruz, Calif. Her course work included studies in anatomy, physiology, Western and Traditional Chinese Herbalism, Ayurvedic and learning the interactions between drugs and herbs. She wrote her thesis on using herbal medicine for relieving and managing stress. Wow!

Liz has been making body care products since 2005, and she holds workshops for adults, teens and kids on making natural body care products. I think we are in good hands at Womanswork, and I will report back as we continue to develop our unique line of natural ‘after gardening’ body care products.
Dorian Winslow is the president of Womanswork, and is passionate about making the best products on the market for women who garden and work outdoors.

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