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CobraHead Is My Favorite Tool of All!

I know that is a big statement to make. It’s like naming your favorite plant or garden destination. But it is the truth. For years I have been a landless gardener (and I hope you have been following along!) and I simply do not want to cart a lot of tools to the parks. The CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator has been with me since day one of my landless gardening adventures and it has proven to be invaluable.

Cobrahead weeding Horticulture

I edge beds, dig and break up tight, clay-heavy soil, weed, dig holes, cultivate the soil several inches deep, break open bags and loosen root-bound plants. I simply cannot imagine gardening without it. For five years this tool has been with me and it is as strong and solid as the day I received it.

The short handle model is perfect for working in tight spaces because I have a lot of control over the sharp, pointed head. I like that I can loosen soil and mulch and weed under shrubs and large perennials with ease all the while confident that I won’t damage the plant—which can happen when your tool’s handle is too long.

Full disclosure! Horticulture’s online store, carries the CobraHead. I started working with my CobraHead before joining Horticulture’s team and I was in love with this tool back then! I am proud that our publication is offering this highest-quality tool to our readers!