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A Brilliant Orchid Show in New York

Patrick Blanc, the French botanist and artist known for creating vertical gardens, was invited by the New York Botanical Garden to design their annual orchid show this spring.


The idea of presenting orchids artistically arranged on walls is brilliant. It made the orchids seem more interesting to me, and it also created a sense of order that I appreciated. With hundreds of orchid species on display, it could have felt chaotic but it didn’t.

According to Patrick Blanc, it was a new experience for him to work with so much color, since most of his vertical garden walls use nonflowering, highly textured plants. He brought in many of his favorite plants to complement the orchids.

There was so much picture taking at the show that that was a spectacle itself. People were going in for the close-up shots, others were getting pictures taken of themselves with the orchids and so on. Here are some of the pictures I took at the show. I have entered two of them in a photo contest. If you have a favorite please let me know!

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