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2010 Garden Photography Awards Winners

Horticulture's 2010 Garden Photography Awards were open to amateur and professional photographers. Entries were judged by Rob Cardillo, a freelance garden photographer whose work can be found in magazines, websites, catalogs and books. Rob also leads workshops on the art of garden photography. You can see his work at his award-winning website, The entrants' names were hidden while Rob judged them.

Here are the top 5 winners, with comments from Rob Cardillo. (Click here to see the Honorable Mentions.)

Grand Prize Winner

"Graphic Pasque Lines," Tracy Ann Walsh, Maple Grove, Minn.


Spent blooms don't typically make great photos, but the Hydra-like nature of this fading pasque flower is so compelling—especially when thrown against a three-color parfait of a background. Simply composed but pulsating with a brooding drama, this is a magnificent and unexpected image.—RC


Second Place

"Shadows on the Garden Wall," Saxon Holt, Novato, Calif.


Great shadow play and impeccable composition make for a delightfully humorous image here. The shadows have as much presence and character as the succulents.—RC


Third Place

"Saguaro Feast," Tom Dodge, Truman, Minn.


The use of negative space, vibrant color and strong line make this an unforgettable image. A graphically perfect composition.—RC


Fourth Place

"Boston Snow," Nancy Donta, Falmouth, Mass.


The view of the snow-dusted trees is grand, but the joy is in the details—especially how the tiny evergreens mimic the pedestrians.—RC


Fifth Place

"The Dreaming Garden," Georgianna Lane, Shoreline, Wash.


The photographer sought a perspective that yielded a dynamic arrangement of shapes and colors. The early morning sun infuses the entire scene with a transcendent glow.—RC