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Try This Botanical Trick at Your Next Cookout

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The tantalizing taste of a dish seasoned delectably with fresh herbs is sure to keep our taste buds happy. However, why not take the seasoning of our recipes up a notch when cooking dishes that require using skewers?

rosemary plant

Toss aside the wooden skewers for ones with a little more zest—rosemary stems! Rosemary pairs well with lamb, chicken, beef, vegetables, shrimp and more. The plant's strong stems make great skewers, and will transfer their flavor to the food they pierce.

You can grill with them, bake with them, or use them as-is on raw dishes for a great way to add a hint of rosemary without having to mince or crush this delicious herb. Harvest 10-inch-long sections of stem from your plant. Remove all but an inch or two of leaves at the top, leaving the sturdy stems bare. Submerge them in cold water for 30 minutes. Skewer your raw ingredients. (If the point of the stem is not sharp enough to spear the food, simply sharpen the leafless end with a knife or shears.)

Once the items of choice are speared with rosemary skewers, proceed with your cooking just as you would if they were regular skewers. Your guests will beg for your secret!

Image: Frank Vincentz
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