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The Micro Tom Tomato

We love experimenting with new varieties of plants, and get into anything that will prolong the growing season. Here in the Northeast, it is hard to imagine being able to get the flavor of a homegrown tomato in the dead of winter, but this wee plant can do just that. Growing only 8 to 10 inches tall, it sports fruit that are pea size, at their largest. Still, they are homegrown tomatoes. Sure, it may take an entire harvest to add to a salad, but we’re okay with that.

micro tom tomato

We started two plants from seed, and within a short time they were sporting flowers. We pinched one back, just to see what would happen, and found that it did get bushier as would be expected. We’ll have to see how the harvest compares, but we’re thinking it will produce more in the long run. You can check out our blog for updates on that experiment. Just type in Micro and that should take you there.

The one pictured is the tomato plant that is still in a solo cup vs. being in a planter like its sister, and it is the one that was not pinched back. It is also the one that is producing first; pretty much what we would have expected. This hybrid is a determinate type, which means it will produce most of its fruit in a short period of time. We’re thinking now it might be a good idea to get another one or two started. We have a wonderful antique clay pot that belonged to my great uncle. I’m sure he would have gotten a big kick out of this plant! So next winter we’ll be saying goodbye to fresh-tomato withdrawal.

Days to Germination: 7-14
Days to Harvest: About 90

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