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Growing Cool-Season Edible

Cool-Season Crops:


• Thrive when daytime temperatures are between 65 - 80 degrees and the nighttime temperatures stay above 40 degrees.
• Many cool-season vegetables can tolerate a light frost.
• Plant cool-season seedlings 2 to 4 weeks before the first hard frost.
• Go to the Farmers' Almanac to find your first frost date.
• Don’t start planting too soon. Cool-season crops taste bitter when harvested in temperatures higher than 80 degrees.

What to Do Now

1. Sow seeds indoors. Refer to the seed’s packet for the best time to start seeds for your garden’s USDA Zone.
2. Prep the garden: Remove weeds, amend soil and prepare a light cloth or other shelter to protect edibles from early frost.


22 Cool-Season Crop Suggestions

• Arugula (rocket) • Beets • Broccoli • Brussels sprouts • Cabbage • Collards • Carrots • Cauliflower • Celery (mild winter climates) • Chard • Chinese cabbage • English peas • Fennel • Kale • Kohlrabi • Leeks • Lettuce • Mustard greens • Potatos • Radishes • Spinach • Turnip Lettuce and chard