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Edible Spotlight: Pretty N Sweet Pepper

The All-America Selections singles out this pepper as an award winner. Pepper Pretty N Sweet is the 2015 AAS vegetable award winner. They were so impressed with this pepper’s great taste and ornamental value they dubbed a new name for it: “Ornamedible.” This sweet, compact, multi-color pepper looks great in the garden and in containers and while you are working on your garden, you can snap off one or two peppers for lunch or dinner.

Pretty N Sweet Pepper

Class: Pepper
Variety: Pretty N Sweet F1
Year: 2015
Breeder: Seeds by Design
Habit: Bushy
Height: 10–24 inches
Days to harvest when sow seeds: 105 days
Days to harvest when transplant: 60 days
Fruit: small, conical, 1–1.5 inches
Flavor: Sweet and mild
Number of Fruits per plant: 100 plus

Plant in full sun with dry to normal watering, 12 to 14 inches apart.

Photo courtesy of All-American Selections