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Quick to Ripen, Seedless Fruits Make Century Star Watermelon a Winner

The rind of this new watermelon brings to mind the heirloom ‘Moon and Stars’, thanks to its waxy, forest-green skin and golden freckles. Inside, ‘Century Star’ boasts seedless red flesh noted to be particularly crispy and sweet.

In 2022, ‘Century Star’ was awarded a Regional award by All-America Selections, marking its success in the Great Lakes region in particular. It would likely impress gardeners in other northern regions, too, owing to its relatively short growth cycle.

'Century Star' watermelon has gold flecks on its skin and its leaves.

'Century Star' watermelon has gold flecks on its skin and its leaves.

Common name: 'Century Star' watermelon

Botanical name: Citullus lanais 'Century Star F1'

Exposure: Full sun

Fruits: Ready to pick about 75 days after sowing seed. One plant bears two or three round melons weighing ten to twelve pounds each. The rind of 'Century Star' watermelon is dark green with gold spots. Seedless.

Foliage: Typical of a watermelon, but dotted with yellow spots, like the fruits are. This is normal for this variety.

Habit: Vining, to 10 feet long. 

How to grow it: Watermelons need full sun. They prosper in rich soil and warm weather. Seeds can be sown outdoors once the soil temperature remains above 70 degrees (F). In cold regions, start the seed in biodegradable pots about four weeks before transplanting, which should occur after the last frost and when the weather is reliably warm. (Time transplant similar to tomato seedlings.) Provide even moisture until the fruits begin to ripen. Withhold water the last week before harvesting the fruits; this protects the flavor. 

Note: Because 'Century Star' is a seedless watermelon, it requires a seeded variety grown as a companion for pollination. Grow one pollinator plant per three seedless plants. 'Mini Love', 'Moon and Stars', and 'Sugar Baby' are seeded watermelons that may serve as a good pollinator for 'Century Star'.

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Image courtesy of All-America Selections