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The Key to Growing Cacti and Succulents in a Terrarium

Can I grow cacti and succulents in a terrarium?

cactus terrarium

Answer: Terrariums are great ways to bring the beauty of a lush, thriving garden indoors. As essentially self-sustaining ecosystems within often enclosed, transparent containers, terrariums are perfect signature pieces for the home, wowing guests with their distinctive charm.

Even though terrariums are fairly easy to maintain, often requiring little care to flourish, if the right measures are not taken in terms of planning and starting these small, sheltered ecosystems, they may not be successful.

Proper plant selection is essential for a healthy terrarium. The best plants should be relatively small, prosper in humid conditions, and be successful when grown in moist soils with regular exposure to indirect sunlight.

Cacti and other succulents aren���t very successful when grown in humid environments—however, they still can grow favorably in terrariums. Just make sure you select a container without a lid. That will keep the humidity much lower than it would be if the container was closed.

Remember that every plant has different needs and this holds true for growing varying selections in terrariums. Once you know what succulents you want to grow in your terrarium, you should research and/or ask a local nursery for plant-specific requirements (such as soil, light exposure and watering needs).

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