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Shangri-la Philodendron Is a Compact Option Among Split-Leaf Types

Virtues: 'Shangri-la' is a split-leaf philodendron that stands apart from older cultivars with its compact size. Its stems are notably numerous and densely held, giving it a very bushy, healthy look. It also tends to develop the namesake dissected leaf margins at an earlier age.


Common name: 'Shangri-la' philodendron

Botanical name: Philodendron 'Shangri-la'

Exposure: Part to full shade outside; bright indirect light indoors

Foliage: Large green leaves appear atop sturdy stems. The leaves have very jagged edges, inspiring the common name of split-leaf philodendron. Lime-green veining adds further texture on 'Shangri-la'.

Habit: This is a shrubby philodendron that grows to two to three feet tall and three to four feet wide. It is not a vining type, so it does not require support.

Origin: Introduced by Ball Ingenuity in 2021.

How to grow it: This plant can be kept as a patio plant where it is hardy or as a houseplant elsewhere. Keep it out of the hot midday sun. Indoors it needs bright but indirect light, while outside it requires a spot in mostly shade. Philodendron likes regular moisture but should not be water-logged. Use a free-draining potting mix and allow it to dry to the touch before watering again. Encourage growth during the warmer months with a water-soluble fertilizer applied according to package directions. USDA Zones 9–11.

Image credit: Courtesy of Ball Ingenuity