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Plants We Love: Indoor Ivy

Although English ivy can take over the garden, this undemanding and attractive plant deserves a place indoors.
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Plant name: Indoor Ivy, English Ivy

Botanical name:Hedera helix

Virtues: Dense attractive foliage on long stems that be easily trained around a support or left to dangle from a hanging basket. Many varieties available, differing in leaf size, color and marking.

Foliage: Lobed leaves can be plain green or marked with white or gold; broad or narrow; large or small.

Habit: Trailing/climbing.

Season: Year-round.

Origin: Europe; western South America; southwest Asia; Australia.

Cultivation: Prefers cool temperatures and bright light in winter. Avoid direct sun in summer. If a variegated variety begins to turn all green, provide more light. Keep moist in summer and water less in winter, but do not let soil dry out completely. Mist leaves in winter if the air is very dry. Pinch off growing tips to promote bushiness. Aerial roots of stems will cling to woodwork and wallpaper if given the chance.

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