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How to Clean New Houseplants Before You Display Them

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Beautiful, lush gardens do not have to be grown only outdoors. You can have a breathtaking garden inside your home, as well, by adding the right houseplants.

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Houseplants are great ways to bring a sense of tranquil nature indoors. Whether you have just one plant on display for a little burst of striking color, or an abundance of alluring plants being showcased as lively décor, it is important to take care of them properly.

The right soil, the perfect amount of water and the correct lighting and temperature will vary depending on the variety of plant. However, there is one task you can perform for any houseplant purchased from a nursery, garden center or private grower.

Give your new houseplants a “shower” with lukewarm water—make sure to then wipe their leaves dry with a paper towel. This will help to remove any dust or residue from hard water, fertilizers or pesticides that may have been previously used by the grower/nursery. It may also knock off any hidden pests that you would not want spreading to your existing collection.

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