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Did You Wear Out Your Gardening Shoes?

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Garden boots and clogs take a lot of abuse, and even a high-quality pair will eventually develop worn spots, holes or a loss in support. Faithful footwear can find new life as a whimsical garden planter.

planted boot

Planting in a shoe or boot follows the same principles as planting in any container or pot. Use fresh potting mix with good drainage. Be sure to drill holes in the soles of the shoes so that water can drain away.

Match the mature size of the plants to the size of the shoes. You can also play with plant habits; for instance, plant something that trails in a pair of tall boots, or plant something short and spiky in low garden clogs. Clogs with holes across the foot and toes, such as Crocs, can be fun to plant with pieces of sedums or sempervivums, one section per hole.

Image: "Shoe as planter" by Joe Mabel - Photo by Joe Mabel. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
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